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Who are the real Boston bombing “vultures” – big media & government, or truth-seekers?

Who’s the real vulture – the mainstream terror profiteers, or the skeptics? An open letter to Rob Kall, Editor, Op-Ed News Dear Rob Kall, You recently published an article calling people like me “despicable” for asking whether the Boston bombings might be a false-flag op. Such people, you say, are “vultures” and “tragedy parasites.” You ask “cui-bono – who benefits from promulgating these junk theories?”  and answer with a bizarre hodge-podge of supposed beneficiaries: -Anti-government people– Libertarians, Republicans, anarchists -People in the gun business -People who want to create and maintain fear -the one percent–  -People who want to keep…


Academic freedom special with Professors James Tracy & Lance deHaven-Smith!

Fri.  4/12/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Call-in: 218-339-8525 It’s been seven years since I was witch-hunted out of the University of Wisconsin. Is the American academy starting to wake up? Let’s ask two professors who are asking the hard questions and standing up for academic freedom! First hour: James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University is featured in a brand-new Inside Higher Education story about a bizarre reprimand he got from FAU, where some administrators are apparently uncomfortable with the questions he is asking about Sandy Hook and other suspicious events. FAU repremanded Tracy for supposedly not…


CLG founder Dr. Michael Rectenwald, libertarian reggae icon Jerry Stevens

Fri. 2/22/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) First hour: Dr. Michael Rectenwald teaches the history and philosophy of science, among other topics, at New York University. The founder of Citizens for Legitimate Government, America’s best on-line news-agglomeration service, Dr. Rectenwald is also an author of short fiction. His new book is called The Thief and Other Stories.  We’ll discuss the various conspiracies unmasked by CLG, including 9/11 and Sandy Hook, as well as issues raised by his fiction. Second hour: Jerry Stevens is founder, lead singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer of five successful Root 1 albums. The latest…


Gordon Duff: Israel’s anti-free-speech witch hunt accelerates!

Wed. 1/16/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) We’ll be taking calls today! 218-339-8525 First hour: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, charges that the Likud regime in Occupied Palestine is frantically trying to choke free speech worldwide in order to preserve its immunity from prosecution at the ICC, and hide its responsibility for various war crimes, false flag attacks, and massacres, including Sandy Hook: Israeli ‘witch hunt’ cripples freedom of speech and ICC He takes an optimistic view of Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense: Chuck Hagel: “Palestine in Chains” US national security set for…


Prof. James Tracy: The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information

  Tuesday, Jan. 1st, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast). James Tracy is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University. His recent article The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information has gone viral, suggesting that more and more Americans are waking up to the fact that the “deep state” or “dual state” is behind almost all “terrorist attacks,” school shootings, and massacres of civilians. If you doubt that, please study the history of Operation Gladio, which appears to be alive and well in…

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