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Donald Trump: Another False Messiah?

Trump, Self-Styled “King of Israel,” Has Failed to Save America from Democrats and Pedophiles…Will His Cult Followers Keep Making Excuses? By Kevin Barrett In the year 1666 the whole Jewish world went crazy. A manic-depressive madman named Sabbatai Zevi, aided by his loquacious PR flack, Nathan of Gaza, had declared himself the Messiah. History hadn’t been kind to the Jews. Their self-image as God’s chosen, destined to rule over the goyim cattle, clashed with messy reality. Persecuted here, expelled there, despised everywhere, Jews felt themselves a nation in decline. Many were ready to follow a mad messiah who promised to…


Robert Morningstar on JFK Assassination and ET/Jinn Question

Listen HERE Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Revolution Radio shuts down for Christmas and New Year, both of which fall on Friday this year. So I’ll be posting couple of prerecorded shows this ¬†week. (And don’t miss False Flag Weekly News this and every Saturday.) Thank you for your support during this crazy and amazing historical moment! -Kevin Barrett My fellow Revolution Radio host Robert Morningstar publishes UFO Digest, makes films, investigates red-pill topics…and has some very weird views of Islam. But he’s definitely barking up the right tree on the JFK assassination. In the first half of this…