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Robin Mathews on Academic Freedom & Tony Hall

Listen HERE Did public servants in the Albert government and the University of Lethbridge conspire with a hostile foreign government to deprive Professor Anthony Hall of his rights to free speech and academic freedom? Robin Mathews, a retired professor of Canadian Studies and English Literature (and spearhead of the Canadianization campaign) recently wrote: Dear Vice Dean of Law (and) Professor Adams … and interested others ….  The question so forcefully put (vice Dean Adams) by your refusal to reply to my direct and simple questions about the nature of your task in the matter of the Anthony Hall case at…


LIVE RADIO: Atty. Thomas Willcutts on coronavirus bioweapon claims; Robin Mathews on Academic Freedom & Tony Hall

Listen live 7 to 9 pm Fridays on Revolution.Radio First hour: Thomas Willcutts will “speak to the specific claims promoted within the ‘scientific community’ and repeated in the MSM that Covid was not created in a lab and is not a bio-weapon.” He  writes: “As set forth in our email exchanges, I analyzed the leading scientific publication cited for this proposition, and said paper wholly fails to even attempt to lay out any type of proof, as laid out in my letter to the lead author, and the reasoning set forth in the paper is deeply flawed, which is all in…