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FFWN: $10,000 WTC-7 Challenge and other blacklisted 9/11 news

Broadcast live Fridays 11 to noon Eastern at PSAs 1) Help FFWN Spread the Word About WTC-7—and Other Smoking Guns 2) Ph.D. Structural Engineer Ibrahim Soudy offers $10,000 to Anyone Who Can Refute New U. of Alaska WTC-7 Study 3) International New Horizon Conference kicks off in Lebanon 4) Tony Hall Reports from New Horizon Conference in Beirut 5) Why Kevin Is Not In Beirut – FBI Threatened to Arrest US Attendees Children of 9/11 6) Children of Firefighters Murdered on 9/11 by Neocons Join NYPD 7) Fifth-graders combine history and engineering in 9/11 lesson 8) CNBC Anchor Ron Insana:…