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Labeeb Uqdah and Rashid Dawud on BLM and Islam

Listen HERE Labeeb Uqdah and Rashid Dawud are long time activists focused on the African-American and Muslim communities. Labeeb writes: “Rashid Dawud’s  roots are in Mississippi and Detroit. I was born in New Orleans, and have lived in Los Angeles since 1963. “We met at Cal State Northridge in 1975.  In 1985 we published Hijrah Magazine, and later published a newspaper called The LA Maghreb which came into being after an officer-involved shooting of an African American Muslim bus driver named Yusuf Bilal. “Rashid’s reversion or entry to Islam was through the door of orthodox Sunni Islam. My beginnings were…


LIVE RADIO! Monika Schaefer on COVID-NWO Agenda; Labeeb Uqdah and Rashid Dawud on BLM and Islam

Broadcasts live Fridays 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio First hour: Monika Schaefer, a Canadian citizen and former Green Party activist, spent most of 2018 as a prisoner of conscience in Germany after she was prosecuted for apologizing to her mother.  Henry Makow just published her Open Letter to the Jasper Town Council: “I have looked into this, and have come to the conclusion that what we are witnessing is nothing less than the implementation of a New World Order, and it is pure communism. If they succeed, it will be a tyrannical one-world-government police state in which our every…