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Psychopaths develop technology to detect angry normals

A cabal of psychopaths that rules the former USA has developed a new tool to detect and neutralize non-psychopaths who threaten their power. That, at least, is the implication of a recently-uncovered Department of Homeland Security document revealing the existence of Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) – a “pre-crime” detection unit not unlike the one dystopian novelist Philip K. Dick dreamed up for “Minority Report,” which inspired the Tom Cruise film. And by way of homage to another great dystopian writer, George Orwell, FAST will red-flag individuals harboring what the ruling psychopaths call “malintent.” As reports: This new “pre-crime”…


Benny Morris: Hero or Psychopath?

I have a high regard for truth – so high that my dear friend Shaykh Yusuf Estes says I should change my name to Abdulhaqq, “The Slave of Truth.” (In Arabic, the word al-Haqq, meaning “Truth” or “Reality,” is one of the most beautiful names of God.) I told Shaykh Yusuf that yes, truth has made me its slave: I’ve done a whole lot of work on behalf of truth without being paid a penny. But is dedication to truth enough? Take Benny Morris – please. From the standpoint of dedication to truth, Benny Morris is one of the greatest…


Going deep with 9/11: Helen Caldicott, Tom Breidenbach plumb the profundities of the problem

The 9/11 truth movement mostly obsesses with facts. The thing is, we have enough facts already to prove the 9/11 inside job seven ways from Sunday. At some point we need to come to grips with the truly scary question: What does it mean? The bottom line is that our world is being run by madmen. But what kind of madmen? And how do they maintain their control? Thursday’s radio guest, the legendary anti-nuker Dr. Helen Caldicott (listen here) offered some important insights. She cited research showing that sex and killing provide men with a big release of dopamine, a…


Am I Attracting Persecution by Using the Word “Jihad” ?

Why have I (and other voices of 9/11 truth) been stalked and persecuted — not just by Fox and friends, but by people claiming to be part of the 9/11 truth movement? My friend Ken Jenkins recently advised me that he agrees that I have been subjected to many unfair attacks, but he thinks that while I don’t deserve the mistreatment, I “attract” it. He cited the Law of Attraction, a metaphysical doctrine suggesting we attract the reality that we experience. As an example of how I may be “attracting” persecution, he said that by using the word “jihad” in…

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