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David Colton on The Case for Universal Health Care

Listen HERE Author David Colton discusses The Case for Universal Health Care. If “progress”means making things better, one of the most obvious targets for improvement is the American health care system—which spends roughly twice as much per capita as its peers, and obtains worse outcomes. David Colton’s book is a terrific, fair-minded one-volume summary of this issue. (Disclaimer: I ran for Congress in 2008 on the Libertarian ticket on a pro-single-payer platform—earning the wrath of other Libertarians and gaining an opponent in the primary election.)


Anton Chaitkin on America’s Fight for Universal Progress

Listen HERE Anton Chaitkin discusses his new book Who We Are: America’s Fight for Universal Progress, from Franklin to Kennedy.  (Check out the book website Is the grand narrative of progress—a core element of the dominant secular humanist religion of the West—dead and buried, as Lyotard wrote in The Postmodern Condition? Not if Anton Chaitkin can help it! Who We Are offers a patriotic American, pro-nationalist version of the sacred narrative of material progress. Chaitkin, like others associated with the LaRouche movement, argues that nationalists (notably the American Founding Fathers) tend to be pro-industrial-progress, while imperialists (notably the City of London bankers and the British…