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Moti Nissani’s “Eight Billion Cheers for Direct Democracy”

Listen HERE Moti Nissani, Professor Emeritus (Biology), Wayne State University, discusses his new free online book Eight Billion Cheers for Direct Democracy: Direct Democracy is Humanity’s Last Best and Only Hope. Nissani argues that today’s most pressing problems—prospective nuclear war, runaway technology, and eco-catastrophe—could be solved by creating and expanding real democracy (as opposed to US/Western oligarchy) borrowing ideas from ancient Athens and modern Switzerland, Iceland, and Berlin (the Philharmonic, not the Bundestag).  His sad conclusion: “It is heart-breaking then, to know that in real democracy is the salvation of the world, and yet to suspect that real democracy is a…


Henry Herskovitz defends the 1st Amendment; Thomas Willcutts refutes libertarianism a.k.a. “anarcho-capitalism”

Listen live Fridays 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio – then archived HERE (1st hour) and HERE (2nd hour) First hour: Henry Herskovitz of Witness for Peace has been picketing the Beth Israel synagogue in Ann Arbor, Michigan for many years due to that congregation’s support for Zionism. Now they’re trying to shut him down…and he’s fighting for his First Amendment rights. Will attorney Marc M. Susselman succeed in his “lawfare” action contending that Witness for Peace has no First Amendment rights to carry signs on public sidewalks? And are we lucky to even have public sidewalks protected by the…