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Was that Bush’s bus heading for the Hague? My European tour turns weirde from the outset

Back when I was young and weird — before I became a nice, normal radical Muslim conspiracy theorist — I wrote Dr. Weirde’s Weirde Tour Guide to San Francisco, the book that paid for the first couple of years of my Ph.D. program. (You can tell it’s a cult classic because “like new” copies are selling for a lot of money.) My tour of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany started off like something out of my own weirde tour guidebook. The first place my hosts took me to see was Brussels’ biggest tourist attraction, the mannekin pis — a statue…


En route to the New Europe (leaving tomorrow)

Perhaps you are old enough to remember 2002, when Thierry Meyssan’s 9/11 truth classic L’Effroyable imposture (The Hideous Fraud) sold more copies upon publication than any other book in French history, Chirac was saying “non” to the Iraq invasion, and Germany’s former intelligence chief Andreas Von Bulow was saying that the Mossad and CIA had collaborated to perpetrate the 9/11 attacks. In January 2003, a frustrated Donald Rumsfeld launched an angry diatribe against “the old Europe,” suggesting that European opposition to the American Reichstag Fire and subsequent “war on an expanding Islam” was somehow…passé. In reality, Rumsfeld had it backwards.…