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Jonathan Revusky on racism, Ed Corrigan on Marzieh Hashemi, Tom Mysiewicz on Parkland/Zionism, Gordon Duff on federal case vs. Press TV

Broadcast live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio First half hour: Jonathan Revusky of discusses the racism/Islamophobia of the alt right…and the hypocrisy of its mainstream critics, who have helped kill 32 million Muslims by playing along with the 9/11 false flag incitement to genocide. Jon addresses some of these issues—and debunks an alt right urban legend—in his article “The Muslim Rape Army Is Coming to Getcha!” Second half hour: International lawyer Ed Corrigan joins us to discuss the US government abduction of international news anchor Marzieh Hashemi. Today the government was finally forced to reveal why they kidnapped…