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Discussing 9/11 activism with Matt Van Slyke—then Rolf Lindgren weighs in on “trials and travails of Trump”

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern at Revolution.Radio later archived HERE First hour: Matt Van Slyke discusses 9/11 activism as the 17th anniversary approaches. Matt is part of the 9/11 Truth Action Project plan to hold Vigils for Justice at American courthouses on September 11, 2018. Please consider holding or joining a vigil in your area! Contact for details. Second hour: Rolf Lindgren, former Libertarian and Barrett for Congress campaign manager, now a Trump supporter, joins us to weigh in on what he calls “the witch-hunts against Socrates, Galileo, and Trump.” Seriously, Rolf?! Socrates, Galileo…and TRUMP?!  ROFL! For information on…