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FFWN: If You Repeat a Lie Often Enough, It Becomes Journalism (with Cat McGuire)

Full uncensored video posted above by noon Central time Saturdays 1) What MSM tells you three times is NOT true! Help FFWN keep saying so. Late Breaking 2) Former Prime Minister Imran Khan shot in lower leg in reported assassination attempt in Pakistan Blames Prime Minister Shabaz Sharif, interior minister Rana Sanaullah, and “Senior Intelligence Figure” Major General Faisal 2.5) ‘Conspiracy Author’ David Icke Banned From EU, Labeled A “Terrorist” Musk 3) Elon Musk Fired Top Twitter Execs “with Cause” to Prevent Paying Them Millions in Perks 4) Conservatives concerned Twitter chief Elon Musk will betray free…