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Remembering Janette MacKinlay and Mark Wolfert – Two American Heroes

Beyond their wholehearted support for 9/11 truth, Janette MacKinlay and Mark Wolfert did not have a whole lot in common. Janette, a sensitive and somewhat shy woman, was an artist who kept to the big city. Her haunts were downtown Manhattan and the San Francisco Bay Area. As for Mark, sensitive and shy would be just about the last words you’d ever hear about him. He was a hard drinker (till a stroke slowed him down), a bar brawler (till getting older and wiser slowed him down), and a legendary loudmouth ham radio operator (the FCC never did manage to…


Why They HATE Hearing the Truth About 9/11

Why do so many people throw their hands over their ears and let out a scream of horror when confronted with the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job? Laura Knight-Jadczyk, last night’s radio show guest, cited research showing that when people are given negative information about their leaders, the brain’s emotional circuits override the cognitive ones; a blast of bad neurochemicals triggers a negative emotional state, which is only relieved by positive emotions when the person figures out a way – no matter how irrational – to discount the information. In other words, when we offer someone evidence that…


Am I Attracting Persecution by Using the Word “Jihad” ?

Why have I (and other voices of 9/11 truth) been stalked and persecuted — not just by Fox and friends, but by people claiming to be part of the 9/11 truth movement? My friend Ken Jenkins recently advised me that he agrees that I have been subjected to many unfair attacks, but he thinks that while I don’t deserve the mistreatment, I “attract” it. He cited the Law of Attraction, a metaphysical doctrine suggesting we attract the reality that we experience. As an example of how I may be “attracting” persecution, he said that by using the word “jihad” in…

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