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Will Putin blow 9/11 wide open?

False flag  news 1) Putin threatens to release 9/11 info proving “inside job” 2) Las Vegas shooter “conspiracy theorist” (two slides) 3) Two birds with one stone: gun nuts AND revolutionaries 4) Woodward and Bernstein were conspiracy theorists 5) Pakistan airport attack, school shootings in Portland, Seattle, Santa Barbara: Social symptom or synthetic terror? 6) California mass shooting spurs new gun control legislation 7) Fetzer talks false flags on Revolution Radio 8) Will 22 June 2014 be “a date that will live in infamy”? Zionist debacles 9) Leaving the USS Liberty crew…


Takfiris defame Islam – “Boko Haram” a psy-op

   Takfiri militants, disguised as Muslims, are committing crimes in different parts of the world in a bid to defame Islam, an analyst tells Press TV in an interview. “These people (militants)… are committing so many atrocities in the name of Islam, this is like a big Public Relations campaign to smear Islam,” Kevin Barrett told Press TV. Transcript: Watch the video of my debate with Anjem Choudary at Press TV.


ISIS “too extreme for al-Qaeda”

ISIS: Another false flag? “Getting kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil – now THAT is impressive. But the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has managed an equally impressive feat: They have been expelled from al-Qaeda for being too extremist in their approach to terrorism. Too extreme for al-Qaeda?!” Read the full article at Press TV

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