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Wahhabis in Auschwitz: Senior Saudi Clerics Convert to Holocaustianity

Dissociated Press Acting under orders from Clown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, a delegation of senior Saudi clerics has traveled to Auschwitz, Poland and officially converted to Holocaustianity. The conversion ceremony featured the clerics kneeling down before a statue of Anne Frank and solemnly uttering the testimony of faith: “There is no god but the Holocaust, and six million Jews died in gas chambers.” After their mass conversion, the clerics proceeded to circumambulate the alleged gas chambers where millions of Jews were supposedly killed with hydrogen cyanide gas—after which, in what can only be a divine miracle, all traces of hydrogen…


A listener sounds off on “holocaustianity”

From a Truth Jihad Radio fan: Hi Kevin! OK – here’s the section of that Greg Felton interview that I thought was especially good – transcribed below.  I continued to the point at which Felton started to diverge from the topic-description of the new “Holocaust-ianity religion” and started talking about the effect of World War I. There’s a very ironic point to be made from what Felton says at that point. He asserts that the ultra-traumatic nature of WWI is what prevented the other European countries from “stopping Hitler when Hitler invaded the Rhineland.” After having done a LOT of…