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Why We Muslims Don’t Celebrate Halloween—and Christians and Jews Shouldn’t Either

In Fact, No One Should. It’s “Literally Demonic”! By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor For as long as it has existed, monotheism has been at war with demons. And I mean literal demons, not just figurative ones. So what are “demons”? VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff has described seeing a highly-classified C*A memo describing “extradimensional entities that feed on human suffering, and interface with selected humans to maximize the suffering they feed on.” (As if there weren’t enough human suffering already!) The Satanic/Druidic/Babylonian/Khazar/Freemasonic cults that ally with demons conduct human sacrifices according to the pagan calendar. Halloween, today’s version of…


Some Jewish-Muslim dialogue for Hallowe’en!

Mon.  10/31/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) How Jews appear to Muslims How Muslims appear to Jews It’s almost like we’re seeing each other in monster masks. Muslims, horrified by the Zionist genocide in Palestine, imagine that all Jews regard the goyim in general, and Arabs and Muslims in particular, as sub-human. Jews, terrorized by Holocaust memories and the “pre-traumatic stress disorder” of envisioning what might some day develop from the growing anti-Zionist backlash, imagine that Arabs and Muslims are the new Nazis. But rip off the masks, and Jews and Muslims both turn out to be…