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Israelis kill Americans with impunity

Orwa Hammad: The latest American kid murdered by Israel The Israelis have killed another young American.  Like 18-year-old Furkan Dogan, who was murdered aboard the Mavi Marmara, and 23-year-old Rachel Corrie, who was deliberately crushed beneath an Israeli bulldozer, the latest victim – 14-year-old Orwa Hammad – was martyred trying to stop the genocide in Occupied Palestine… Full article:


Lying Zionists cover up Sharon’s horrific words, deeds

Ariel Sharon embodied the pure, unmitigated evil of Zionism. He was a war criminal, a terrorist, a mass murderer, a torturer, a rapist. The French term “genocidaire” also applies. But Sharon did have one redeeming quality: He occasionally told the awful truth about himself and his country. Read the full article: