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FFWN: False flag 9/11 torture, Ebola, ISIS, and more!

The hardest-hitting news show on the planet! Today’s stories in order: False Flag Torture 1) CIA tortured innocents to hide 9/11 false flag 2) Most stunning findings of CIA torture report 3) CIA whistleblower imprisoned, torturers go free 4) Renowned surgeon calls out doctors who “made torture possible” False Flag 9/11 5) “Ash Carter Predicted 9/11″: ESP or foreknowledge? 6)  9/11 Petition introduced in Canadian Parliament 7) A&E911 board member calls for new investigation 8) US legitimacy waning in light of 9/11 hoax False Flag ISIS 9) UN Reports–Israel supporting Syrian rebels 10) Putin Aide Says Israel is Training…


FFWN: Be thankful it hasn’t happened yet!

For links to all the stories, see: Be thankful it hasn’t happened yet It’s Thanksgiving 2014. You’re still here – reading this.  So…. Be thankful. Be very, very thankful. Terrible things have happened. Terrible things are happening. And undoubtedly, terrible things will continue to happen. But it could be a whole lot worse. And yes, I know it’s bad. Every week, Jim Fetzer and I bring you a hideously depressing summary of all of the awful things going on in the world. It’s a TV show called False Flag Weekly News, and it goes out live on every Thursday at 8 a.m. Pacific/11…

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