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Joel Hirschhorn on Long COVID & Collapse of Scientific Medicine; Fatna Bellouchi on Alternative Healing

Listen HERE First 40 minutes: Joel Hirschhorn discusses his article “Brain Fog A Stubborn Symptom of Long COVID.” Dr. Hirschhorn, author of Pandemic Blunder (which scooped RFK Jr.’s book by a year) argues that so-called “long COVID” is a very real problem, at least for a substantial minority of people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2. If Hirschhorn stopped there, I could post this interview on YouTube. But he goes on to say that long COVID is at least partly caused by the toxicity of the spike protein—which explains why vaccinated people sometimes suffer long-COVID-like symptoms. (As well as short…


Fatna Bellouchi on Her New “Spiritual Cookbook”; Richie Allen & Kevin Barrett Discuss Kyle Rittenhouse & COVID Jabs

Listen HERE First half hour: Fatna Bellouchi passionately disagrees with people like Anthony Fauci and Mona Shaikh as she discusses her brand-new Moroccan Cooking for Diabetics: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul of Nutrition: “Morocco has developed one of the world’s greatest and most unique cuisines. But few realize that Moroccan food can be adapted to prevent, mitigate, or even cure diabetes and other ‘diseases of civilization.’ This book offers bright, soulful recipes for diabetics and anyone else who wants both optimum health AND delicious food…” Fatna Bellouchi has taught Moroccan cooking at various coops and health food stores. She is…