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Morsi joining alliance against Zionist terror?

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (L) shakes hands with an Egyptian soldier who was wounded in an attack in Sinai during a visit to soldiers at a hospital in Cairo, August 7, 2012. First published at Press TV Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:42AM GMT By Kevin Barrett With Iran’s president demanding 9/11 truth and fighting off Mossad terrorism, and the democratic elements of Turkey’s leadership surviving such false flag terror plots as Sledgehammer and Ergenekon, will Egypt’s President Morsi join in an eventual regional alliance against Zionist-assisted false flag terror? By firing some of Egypt’s leading Mossad-assisted false flag terrorists last…


Turkish parliamentarian: 9/11 wasn’t just Mossad – CIA also involved

Yesterday I blogged about being invited to lunch in the Turkish National Legislature with a Turkish National Police Chief and a leading parliamentarian, and discussing Turkey’s triumph (so far) over the false-flag terror plot known as Ergenekon – which would have been Turkey’s 9/11 had the plotters succeeded. What I didn’t mention is what my Turkish hosts – including parliamentarian Fehmi Husrev Kutlu – Deputy for Adiyaman and the Administrative Commissioner of the Turkish Legislature (GNAT) – said about 9/11. The short version: Like everyone else I’ve met in Turkey, they know it was an inside job. When I asked…


Welcome to Turkey, the world’s anti-false-flag-terror capital!

Lavon. Northwoods. USS Liberty. Gladio. 9/11. Bali. Madrid. 7/7. Mumbai.  What do all of the above false-flag terror plots have in common?  They got away with it. Nobody ever went to jail. No wonder Indiana prosecutor and Republican activist Carlos Lam felt comfortable sending Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker an email urging him to launch a false-flag terror attack to score political points. So far, only one country has shut down its own military leaders’ plan for a massive false-flag attack. That country is the (increasingly Islamic) Republic of Turkey. I recently sat down to a sumptuous lunch in Turkey’s National…