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A Call to Jihad

* * * Who is so blind?(from Dick Eastman) Who is so blind not to notice that Muslim/populist/Egyptians are all for peace and it is the pro-Zionist Israel-US controlled Mubarak — taker of US Jew awarded US taxpayer  financed weapons — who kills and throws bombs to provoke?  The ones the Jews* back are doing the killing  — the Moslems are giving us the best demonstration of Christlike forbearance since Mahatma Gandhi!!!!   We must notice that!  We must respond to that —  we must reclaim the American idealism that the Jews have destroyed and recognize the goodness of the Egyptian…


Jerry Mazza, Ellen Brown on Truth Jihad Radio today

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 2/2/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page. First hour: Poet and journalist Jerry Mazza, author of the new poem “The Good Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish.” Jerry will also cast the hard light of truth on Obama’s State of the Union speech, discuss the Stuxnet worm as apparent Zio-American vandalism, and discuss the meaning of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions. Second hour: Ellen Brown, author, Web of Debt. She is a leading advocate of public banking (as opposed to letting private bankers create money…


The Islamic Revolution Continues in Egypt

I get bombarded with Islamophobic emails on a regular basis. Most of the culprits, believe it or not, are sympathetic to the cause of truth – yet at an unconscious level they have been programmed by the 9/11 public relations stunt and other Zionist media propaganda to fear and loathe Islam.  So let me briefly explain to these folks, and other non-Islam-friendly readers and listeners, why I think Egypt, Tunisia, and many other Muslim-majority countries desperately need Islamic revolutions. These nations’ societies have been based on Islam – which is a 24/7/365 way of life, not a one-day-a-week gig –…

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