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Kevin MacDonald on persecution of dissidents; Abdul Arif Muhammad on Marzieh Hashemi abduction; “Fearlessness Teacher” R. Michael Fisher on Nick Sandmann-Nathan Phillips standoff

Listen HERE First hour: Prof. Kevin MacDonald, (U. of California-Long Beach) like me, is a born-and-bred Wisconsin white boy educated at UW-Madison. Like me, he is one of the most notorious intellectual troublemakers ever to emerge from that august institution. Heck, we even have the same first name! Aside from that, we’re quite different. I’m a left-anarchist-leaning Muslim, while he’s the intellectual godfather of (gasp) white nationalism! Can we actually hold a civil conversation? Heck, yes! Though I have a radically different worldview from his, I respect the integrity and coherence of his work, which seems driven by an honest…