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Greg Mortenson: Pathological Liar and War Criminal

Speaking of Debbie Menon – one of my favorite alternative journalists – she recently defended war propagandist Greg Mortenson, America’s kinder-and-gentler Joe Goebbels, in an email to Gordon Duff on which I was copied. Mortenson, the zillionaire author of Three Cups of Tea, made his fortune by peddling the Big Lie that Americans are in Afghanistan to educate the benighted Muslim savages and rescue the poor oppressed women from their evil men. Now that Mortenson has been exposed as a pathological liar by 60 Minutes, Debbie (and lots of other brainwashing victims) are having a hard time facing the truth.…


Debbie Menon introduces my Veteran’s Today interview

More than once I’ve discussed with Debbie Menon the pros and cons of being a self-styled truth jihadi. She was initially skeptical, but seems to have warmed to the concept. Below is her introduction to today’s Veteran’s Today interview. -KB A thoroughly effective interview by Kourosh Ziabari  with Kevin Barrett.  by -Debbie Menon, Kevin might have gained a bit more credibility with the great unbelieving kafir American public if he had left out some of his religious zeal for “jihad,” and not turned the work into some religious crusade, but his thrusts at the press, the public blindness and…


Why the Zionists Want to Silence Richard Falk on 9/11

Why did the Zionist group U.N. Watch engineer a witch-hunt targeting Special Rapporteur Richard Falk? Why would Zionists, whose prime concern is maintaining and expanding their apartheid state in Occupied Palestine, care about Falk’s mild allusions to unanswered questions about 9/11? Why the fuss? Debbie Menon suggests an answer: “The fact the Israeli supporters rush to the defense and go into hysterical denial when they have not been accused of something, is sure an indicator that something stinks in Tel Aviv!” In short, the Zionist doth protest too much. In a recent bombshell report, Wayne Madsen explains why. Madsen is…