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Demise of Bin Laden: a delusional tale

“We, uh, threw him in the ocean when nobody was looking…because….because….well, it’s an Islamic custom!” This fake “dead Bin Laden” image was spammed all over the world by the psy-oppers who orchestrated the “death of Bin Laden” hoax By Kevin Barrett, for Press TV The “we killed Osama bin Laden, really we did” story is getting more and more bizarre. (full story: )


“Full Fathom Five Bin Laden Lies”

An open letter to Richard Perle, self-styled “Prince of Darkness” Dear Mr. Perle, I am writing to beg your forgiveness for the accompanying poem and photoshopped image blending your already hideous face with the photoshopped “dead Bin Laden” image recently exposed by the Guardian as a fraud. I suspect you will not like the caption, “That was Perle shot through both eyes” any better than the image — which, I must admit, is not very flattering. So allow me to explain. During the past few days, the American public has been coerced (by the Zionist-dominated media) into a frenzy of…