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FFWN: “Select Group of Humans” Is “Almost Extra-Terrestrial” -John Kerry in Davos

Full uncensored FFWN posted above by noon Central time Saturdays. PSAs 1) Help FFWN Unhelmet Klaus Schwab! 2) Rage Against the War Machine! Feb. 19 at Lincoln Memorial (FFWN commentator Cat McGuire is helping organize this event) Davos 3) Davos: Gates, Schwab, Global Elites Face Growing Criticism of Their ‘Master the Future’ Agenda 4) Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Caught on Davos Sidewalk, Pummeled with Hard Questions 5) John Kerry in Davos: ‘select group of human beings’ have a plan for ‘saving the planet’ and it is almost ‘extra terrestrial.’ 6) Demand for Prostitutes skyrockets during…


LaRouche Associate Dennis Speed: Trump Blasts “Prophets of Doom” at Davos

Listen HERE Dennis Speed of LaRouche Pac met Lyndon LaRouche 50 years ago and has worked with the LaRouche Organization over much of that time. Today he joins Truth Jihad Radio to discuss an interesting six-minute passage from Trump’s recent speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Dennis views the speech as a slap in the face of the ecofascist global elite. He thinks Trump still could conceivably “make America great again” by issuing public currency to build infrastructure. Obviously I disagree; I think Trump is a fool who lacks the courage, vision, and intelligence to take on…