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LIVE RADIO! Philosopher David Skrbina on Coronavirus and Technology; John Leonard and Mischa Popoff Offer Alternative Views on How to Stay Healthy

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio then archived HERE First hour: Philosopher David Skrbina, author of The Metaphysics of Technology, joins us to ponder the corona-technology interface. Much of the world is looking for technological solutions to the coronavirus problem. But what if technology IS the problem? Even in the unlikely event that COVID-19 wasn’t made in a lab, its pandemic global transmission could only happen in an urban, densely-populated, hyper-connected hi-tech society. What’s more, the techno-solutions—building an Orwellian surveillance state where anyone who coughs gets tested and quarantined, injecting everyone with a possibly toxic vaccine, etc.—may do more…