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Physics prof Denis Rancourt speaks out on 9/11 — and gets it half right!

Physics professor and academic freedom fighter Denis Rancourt appeared on the Kevin Barrett Show yesterday and agreed that the implosion of World Trade Center Building 7 was clearly a case of controlled demolition — but that the destruction of the Twin Towers might not have been! (The discussion of 9/11 occurs during the last 20 minutes of the show.) Dr. Rancourt argued that the gravitational energy released by the Towers’ coming down was great enough, and the mysteries of how various materials interact with each other under such conditions mysterious enough, to cast doubt on many of the apparent “smoking…


Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent: “Here’s what may have REALLY happened on 9/11”!

McFarland, WI 5/26/2010 Breaking his self-imposed rule against talking about 9/11, former Senior BBC Mideast Correspondent and author  Alan Hart described what he thinks may have really happened on that fateful day on yesterday’s Kevin Barrett show. Hart, who got to know Yasser Arafat and Golda Meir while serving as a Security Council-briefed Mideast peace negotiator, said that he has been assured by a top-level demolitions/engineering expert who wishes to remain anonymous that the three World Trade Center skyscrapers were destroyed by controlled demolitions, not plane crashes and fires. (For the names of more than 1000 experts willing to go…


Steven Jones Interview Goes Blooey: Coincidence or Sabotage?

Physicist Steven Jones, along with several other respected scientists from various nations, is about to publish a paper in a mainstream scientific journal that will, for all intents and purposes, prove that “advanced energetic materials” (nanothermates) were used in the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. (Links to his work here.) Somebody apparently doesn’t want that information publicized. When I interviewed Dr. Jones for my radio show “Fair and Balanced” yesterday, the strangest things happened. As I dialed the 800 number to establish my connection to the radio network, I heard some very strange sizzles and pops on the…

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