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Chuck Baldwin on COVID/Antichrist/Zionism—and the Great Spiritual Reset

Listen HERE First half hour: Pastor Chuck Baldwin, one of America’s notable voices of truth,  is doing God’s work as an essayist and broadcaster as well as from the pulpit.  In this interview he critiques the increasingly totalitarian social media censorship, links the manufactured COVID crisis to the system of Antichrist, discusses the role of Zionism, and advocates countering the WEF’s “Great Reset” with the Great Spiritual Reset. The remainder of the show includes my khutbah (Islamic sermon) on Quds Day, a.k.a. Palestine liberation day, the last Friday of Ramadan, which falls on Friday May 7 this year. (Watch the…


LIVE RADIO! Peter Simpson on “Does It Matter Who Wins the Election?” John Shuck on Plandemic & Censorship

Listen live 8 to 10 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived HERE First hour: Philosophy professor Peter Simpson responded to my forthcoming Crescent International article “Does It Really Matter Who Wins the US Presidential Election?” (the short answer is no) writing: “Well I’m afraid I have to agree with your sentiments in the piece you posted (‘afraid’ because it would be nice if things were different). However untypical Trump is as president (for good or ill), he can’t break the system. The reason of course, in my view anyway, is the Constitution, which was written by oligarchs for oligarchs. You didn’t quite…


Economist Peter Koenig and Pastor Chuck Baldwin on COVID “Lie Pitched from the Pits of Hell”

Listen HERE First half hour: Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig recently published “Democracy vs. Covid: A No-Go. The Great Reset is the Antidote of Democracy.” He says COVID is “the instrument of an invisible enemy, created by the deep dark state, the all controlling oligarchs, the psychopaths who want absolute control over people, over our health systems, our food supplies, the sickos who are behind the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their new book – their guideline to the new future, the New Normal, ‘Covid-19- The Great Reset’ – that these people must now be overcome, before they complete their…