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‘Islamic State’ head-choppers: Best enemy money can buy

“The video purporting to show the decapitation of James Foley is a classic example of neocon hate propaganda. It is the sort of ‘Two Minutes Hate’ event satirized in George Orwell’s book 1984, in which citizens are whipped into such a frenzy of loathing by enemy images that they sometimes physically assault their telescreen.” Full story:


Islamophobia: Roadblock to world peace

Netanyahu & co. have been saying Iran is a few years away from getting a nuclear bomb…for decades! Why does anyone listen to Netanyahu? The answer, in one word: Islamophobia. Read the full article:


Al-CIA-duh aims to wreck Muslims, West in clash of civilizations

By Dr. Kevin Barrett,  The al-Nusra front in Syria has officially announced that it is part of al-Qaeda. Even before the announcement, everyone knew it was al-Qaeda. So why is it being armed to the teeth with US-supplied weapons, and given training and strategic and diplomatic support by the US government? The US, after all, is officially at war with al-Qaeda, which the American government blames for the still-unsolved crimes of September 11th, 2001… Read the complete article at