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NY Times confesses: We Zionists killed the US diplomats!

Since I’m the local Muslim Islamic studies expert who works for free, I get asked a lot of questions. This week, people brainwashed by Zionist media are asking: “Why do those crazy Muslims riot every time someone insults Islam?” For example, a Facebook friend asks: Kevin, I’m not sure I understand the connection you are making between the production of this film and the violence that took place thereafter. You seem to imply that the film-makers are directly responsible for the attacks, which may be true in a strictly causal sense but don’t you think you are excusing the insanity…


Who really killed Ambassador Stevens? It’s the Zionists, stupid!

A growing number of American Jews reject the Zionist islamophobia that led to the death of Ambassador Stevens – and tens of thousands of other Americans 9/12/2012, New York, NY Here in New York City, the 3rd-rate newspapers – all owned by 3rd-rate people who happen to be radical Zionist Jews – are pumping the “al-Qaeda” killing of the US Ambassador to Libya for all it’s worth. The headline I saw in the Bed-Stuy Yemini-owned corner store screamed out:Muslims: “We’re All al-Qaeda Now!” The story doesn’t mention the fact that the vast majority of Muslims don’t like “al-Qaeda” and think…