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9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers

If this were a boxing match, the “9/11 Truth & Palestine” team just won a TKO. .. “All in all, the Zionists are looking more and more like dinosaurs bloated with money and power and teeth and political muscle, roaring out their attempts to intimidate younger and newer and smarter life forms, and approaching the edge of extinction.” Full article (includes reports on yesterday’s Fighting Bob Fest and Commentary Magazine’s hit piece against my latest 9/11 truth article):


Who is Allen Ruff and why does he oppose Chuck Hagel?

Alleged “pro-Palestinian peacenik” and enemy of 9/11 truth Allen Ruff wants to defeat Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense. Why? I got to know Allen Ruff – a big, dark, hulking, bearded, scowling bully who looks a bit like the old Zionist media caricatures of the late Ayatollah Khomeni, only about 100 pounds heavier – at pro-Palestine demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin during the 1990s.  Ruff took an instant dislike to me – if “dislike” isn’t too weak a word. At first I couldn’t figure out why. Gradually, it became apparent that Ruff was the leader of a gang of…