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False Flag Weekly News: Friday, April 20, 2018

Watch it above. Below are the stories we covered. PSA: False Flags Are Real — Help FFWN Keep Saying So! RT columnist admits “False Flags Are Real” (But Fails to Mention the 9/11 Elephant in the Living Room) Two Brave Women Tell Truth, Face Pushback Charlotte City Council Member Questions 9-11, Posts About Controlled Demolitions on Facebook MSM incites lynch mob vs. prof who spoke truth about Barbara Bush War on Syria: Douma False Flag Fallout Caught in a lie, US & allies bomb Syria the night before international inspectors arrive ‘To say Douma attack was staged is to enter…


FFWN: Can false flag awareness stop World War 3?

Watch False Flag Weekly News above. Click HERE for links to the stories, and HERE to support our work. On September 11, 2001, the only people who knew what false flag meant were the professional strategists who teach the tactic in military academies. Today, almost everyone has at least heard of the concept. Unfortunately, the world needs far more false flag education than it’s getting. Exhibit A: Trump’s recent bombing of Syria. That war crime (like so many war crimes) was triggered by  false flags: the “Skripal poisoning” and the “Douma poison gas attack.” Both of these stories were obvious…


Top 20 False Flag Stories of 2017

Click HERE for the complete list of stories covered this week—including the top twenty false flag stories of 2017… …and HERE to donate and keep FFWN going. By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Whose fake news? That was the big question of 2017. The MSM accused Trump of lying. Trump accused the MSM of lying. And those were pretty much the only two true statements either side uttered all year. When we’re being lied to so pervasively, from left, right, and center, where do we turn for truth and solace? The obvious answer is: FALSE FLAG WEEKLY NEWS! You can…

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