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Will the Dumbocrats Wise Up and Drive a Stake Through Cheney’s Heart?

Why Their Only Hope Is a War Crimes Tribunal By Kevin Barrett, There are many good reasons to drive a stake through Dick Cheney’s heart, assuming he has one. First, Cheney’s hypothetical heart is so black and oily that the penetration of a sharpened stake-tip might release a spurting gusher of oil sufficient to meet America’s energy needs for the rest of the century. But more importantly, busting Cheney for war crimes, including the 9/11 inside job, would help Obama avoid the mistake John F. Kennedy made in the early years of his presidency. Obama–whose Irish-American heritage, youthful good…


Man Bites Dog!

American Newspaper Tells Truth About U.S.S. Liberty! by Kevin Barrett Believe it or not, a mainstream U.S. paper, the Northfield News of Northfield, Minnesota, has published a truthful, hard-hitting op-ed about Israel’s slaughter of unarmed American sailors aboard the U.S.S. Liberty: The op-ed, by my friend and 9/11 truth colleague Andy Kornkven, is nothing less than brilliant…except for one sentence: “Can we trust the official narrative of events leading to the current conflict — especially the nature and origin of the alleged Hamas rocket attacks, which provide such a handy excuse for the deadly retaliation carried out by Israeli…


I’m Not Leaving the Country After All

(Obama Inspired “Hope” for “Change”? Nope — It’s My Wife) by Kevin Barrett, A few days after I announced that I was leaving the country, my wife Skyped me from Morocco to tell me no, I would NOT be leaving the country. “Your country needs you,” she could have said. Or, “you can’t leave now, at this decisive juncture.” Or, “you must stay in the USA and keep up the struggle.” What she actually said was more like, “Morocco ain’t it — prices are up, temperatures are down, the Europeans are buying up property, and Wal-Mart type big box…


Eyeless in Gaza

A Thousand Eyes for an Eye Makes the Whole World Blind REALLY Fast By Kevin Barrett, At least you can’t accuse the Zionists, who have slaughtered more than 1000 people (half of them women and children) in retaliation for a smattering of ineffectual rocket attacks, of being Old Testament zealots. The Torah, known to Christians as the Old Testament, prescribes “an eye for an eye.” The Zionists have decided to go Yahwe one better. They want a thousand eyes for an eye. The massacre began when the Zionists invaded Gaza and killed six Palestinian soldiers. In response, Hamas —…


Dead Babies

& the Death of the American Dream By Kevin Barrett, (this essay first published at “Dead babies can take care of themselves. Dead babies can’t take things off the shelves.” — Alice Cooper, “Dead Babies” For two weeks now I have been spending a lot of time watching dead babies on television. Dead children, too. And dead women. And dead old men. And dead young men. And bleeding, maimed, mutilated, screaming people of all ages and both sexes. Disfigured women lying in pools of blood. Children with part of their faces missing. Crowds of horrified people gathered around,…


Next Stop Jerusalem

The Caliphate is Coming to al-Quds By Dr. Kevin Barrett, The ongoing U.S.-backed Zionist butchery in Palestine is generating a backlash that will lead to the restoration of the caliphate — that supra-national Muslim government that has existed, in one form or another, for most of the past 1,300 years. After passing through Medina, Mecca, Damascus, Baghdad, and Istanbul, the next stop for the caliphate will be the Holy City, al-Quds…the city known to English speakers as Jerusalem. This idea is not as radical as it sounds. Jerusalem has been administered by Muslims since about 640 C.E. More than…

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