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LIVE RADIO! AJ Smuskiewicz on Searching for Truth in the Empire of Lies; Fadi Lama on “Jewish Settler Colony in the Levant”

Listen live Fridays noon to 2pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio later archived at

First hour: Author AJ Smuskiewicz discusses his new book Searching for Truth in the Empire of Lies. It recount’s AJ’s career journey from graphics designer to biologist to writer-editor to damnable heretical dissident, and includes essays published at Intellectual Conservative, The Unz Review, and VT Foreign Policy, as well as at his personal website.

It seems AJ used to be within hailing distance of consensus reality. He once made a living editing work that fell squarely within the Overton Window of acceptable discourse. But somewhere along the way, something happened. What was it? Was he kidnapped by space aliens in Peotone, Illinois, as he asserts in the book, and given a “dissident implant”? Or was it the COVID-era mass formation psychosis that alienated him? Or maybe he just imbibed one official lie too many, and suddenly felt the need to vomit them all out? Tune in to the interview and find out what happened to AJ.

Second hour: Fadi Lama returns to this show with a slideshow entitled “Israel: The Jewish Settler Colony in the Levant: A Prognosis.” Since our last interview, Israel has edged closer to the full-scale attack on Lebanon that could be the Zionist Entity’s undoing. As Fadi told me:

“If Israel attacks (Lebanon) it’s real war. I mean real war. Now there are, if you want to call them, serious skirmishes, but it’s not a real war like they’re doing on Gaza. If they do (start) a real war, then it may be considered that from a religious standpoint that Hezbollah can enter into a full war.”

Fadi Lama is the author of Why the West Can’t Win: From Bretton Woods to a Multipolar World.

9 Thoughts to “LIVE RADIO! AJ Smuskiewicz on Searching for Truth in the Empire of Lies; Fadi Lama on “Jewish Settler Colony in the Levant””

  1. Oskar

    Kevin MacDonald: “In America we had a tv show
    called Archie Bunker, “All In The family”. He was
    seen as stupid, morally defective, unedicated, he
    had bad grammar, didn’t know basic geography.”

    Now guess who the creator of this
    character was? That’s right, a Jew.

    There was actually a similar character on German
    tv with a delay of only a few years, which was stri-
    kingly similar to Bunker, and was suitable for defa-
    ming everything that “Ekel (creep) Alfred” said as
    crude, primitive, stupid, prejudiced, reactionary.

    Here, too, a Jew was responsible for the production.
    As always, this is probably just a (((cohencidence))).

  2. Herbert

    Now you also know why Trump is called “Orange Man”: He’s been sticking his head so deep up the butts of the Jews all day that the traces of it are hard to wash off.

  3. Herbert

    Speaking of Kaczynski, this must interest you,
    Kevin. Jews behind all this sh*t, as expected.

    Two Jews also play a leading role in this very
    good documentary. Cappy Rothbart and Bill
    Handel. Handel shouts at one point: “We Jews
    are allowed to do anything, because we are God.”

    So it is of course no wonder that Jews are to be found wherever it is a question of the fertility or infertility of the white race or its genetic manipulation. Jews not only invented the contraceptive pill, thereby committing the most silent and imperceptible mass murder of all time, but also replaced the principle of responsibility with the principle of lust. They have also commercialized cosmetics such as lipstick and nail polish so that women can pretend fertility to men even after the menopause. And, of course, they have stolen women’s skirts and dressed them in jeans. Incidentally, most of the so-called gene institutes that prove the alleged ancestry also belong to Jews.

  4. Herbert

    (“principle of lust” = pleasure prinziple)

    Incidentally, the Jew Julius Fromm
    commercialized the rubber condom.

  5. Herbert

    A Jew suffers from insomnia. No wonder, when
    his brain is constantly asking pointless questions.

    American with German name doesn’t ask silly
    questions, lets pictures speak for themselves.
    (Don’t forget to switch to highest resolution.)

  6. Herbert

    contraceptive pill (Carl Djerassi, Gregory Pincus)
    lipstick and nail polish (Revlon, Sarah Berhardt)
    “jeans wear” (Jacob W. Davis, Levi Strauss, Bern-
    ard Lichtenstein Wrangler, Henry I. Siegel’s HIS))
    “the principle of pleasure” (Freud)

  7. Herbert

    “Baron” Zuckermann, the Jew who devised the
    bombing of Germany with incendiary bombs.

    Incidentally, Thermit was developed by the Jew
    (see his father in Wikipedia) Hans Goldschmidt.
    Zyklon B was developed by the Jew Fritz Haber.

    A Jew genocides an Native American people.

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