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FFWN: Jewish Theocracy, Zionist Governance? (with Prof. Anthony Hall)

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1) Help FFWN catch up with two Fundrazrs that barely fell short

Axis of Resistance vs. Genocide

2) Houthi attacks sink second Red Sea ship after mariner killed

3) Israeli military approves plan for ‘offensive’ in Lebanon

4) Is Cyprus about to be dragged into a war between Israel and Hezbollah?

5) Israeli army in ‘urgent need’ of troops as resistance deals heavy losses

6) Biden Deploys Record Number of Troops to Jordan in Quiet Buildup

7) Israeli military knew Hamas was planning attack – media   Kevin v. Richard Gage on this topic:

8) Scarred for life: Testimonies of Palestinians sexually abused and tortured in Israeli jails

9) ‘Four Generations from Same Bloodline’ – Israel Wiping Out Entire Gaza Families – Report

10) Mossad and its network of little helpers, the Sayanim–the-sayanim

11) France Jails Iranian musician for anti-genocide posts on social media

BRICS to the Rescue?

12) Could a “Coalition of the Willing” Save the Children of Gaza?

13) The BRICS weigh in on Palestine

14) Kim Jong Un gives Putin lavish welcome to North Korea and vows ‘full support’ for Ukraine war

Slow-Release Truth

15) ‘1 in a Billion’ Chance COVID Emerged From Nature, Scientist Tells Lawmakers

16) Denial Breaks Down, As Swedish Media Run Front Page Stories Of Two Deaths Caused By Moderna Shots—One—A 13 Year Old Boy—Referred By Medical Prosecutor As Involuntary Manslaughter

17) UCP removes COVID-19 vaccine child-death references, takes over ticket sales to controversial event

18) Candace Owens: “Everything We Learned About WW2 Was a Lie” (including Holocaust narrative?)

Decline & Fall of Great American Institutions

19) Substack Censorship? 

20) McDonald’s scraps AI trial after bacon added to ice cream – media

Featured essay. (We will discuss it on a second, separate video that will be posted here).

Anthony Hall: The Influential Role of Jewish Theocracy in the Zionist Governance of the West (we’ll also touch on Laurent Guyénot’s new article on Israel vs. International Law and Rod Dreher’s on how decadent liberal regimes, unlike theocracies, “aren’t worth dying for.”)

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