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Maisoon Rice Questions Turkey-Syria “HAARPquake”; Linh Dinh on “A Distant Episode”

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First half-hour: Maisoon Rice, a British-Palestinian-Pakistani blogger and activist, is no fan of Zionism or imperialism. She contacted me after last week’s devastating and tragic earthquake to suggest that it might not have been entirely natural. As one of tomorrow’s False Flag Weekly Newsstories puts it: “Turkey denounces ‘psychological war’ as Western consulates close—days later, huge earthquake hits.” Along with the possible HAARPquake, we’ll also discuss tomorrow’s 44th anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Israel’s Haifa port project and the Belt and Road initiative, the new ultra-extremist Israeli government’s acceleration of the Palestinian genocide, and more. Maisoon writes: “They are evil…the majority wishing to ethnically cleanse Palestinians and enact their ‘final solution’…In just 6 weeks of this year 42 Palestinian civilians have been murdered, homes demolished making even more refugees in their own homeland, businesses bulldozed, olive trees uprooted, land stolen to make way for settlers and foreign embassies in occupied Jerusalem.”

Second half-hour: Linh Dinh, world-traveling writer and photographer, joins the show to discuss his new article is “Marveling, Again, At Paul Bowles’ “A Distant Episode.” I agree with Linh that Paul Bowles was a very good writer. But Bowles also indulged in the typically Orientalist predilection for seeking out and focusing on the dark side of Morocco while completely missing the far more beautiful light side—as I pointed out in my Quora answer to the question: “Moroccans are known internationally, but what is the dark side of them we never hear about?” (That answer has now been viewed more than 4.1 million times.)

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    such a pity you do not show reader comments here instead of just on Unz Review site. I would have preferred to show here on this site as the interview was not done for Unz Review

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