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Randy Short Offers a Different View of Kanye; Joachim Hagopian on “Devil’s Playground: The West’s Nuclear False Flag”

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Rev. Dr. Randy Short offers a different view of the Kanye West controversy. Dr. Short has known Ye for many years. He thinks Ye’s statements about Jews have been overly harsh, poorly thought out, and even ungrateful. (Yes, Jews do dominate the entertainment business, and they helped Ye become a billionaire, so why is he biting the hand that feeds him?)

Halfway through the hour we’re joined by Joachim Hagopian, author of DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND UKRAINE IS CRIME CABAL’S LAST STAND RESORTING TO FALSE FLAG TO BLAME PUTIN FOR NUKES: “Lately much of the mainstream media focus is emphasizing how the reckless madman from Russia is willing to go nuclear…These alarmist disinfo lies are put out exactly at the time the British Defense Minister Ben Wallace suddenly canceled his scheduled Tuesday appearance before the House of Commons Defense Committee in order to attend in person emergency meetings at the Pentagon and White House with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who I supervised a half century ago when he was a freshman at West Point…”

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