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Economist Peter Koenig and Pastor Chuck Baldwin on COVID “Lie Pitched from the Pits of Hell”

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First half hour: Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig recently published “Democracy vs. Covid: A No-Go. The Great Reset is the Antidote of Democracy.” He says COVID is “the instrument of an invisible enemy, created by the deep dark state, the all controlling oligarchs, the psychopaths who want absolute control over people, over our health systems, our food supplies, the sickos who are behind the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their new book – their guideline to the new future, the New Normal, ‘Covid-19- The Great Reset’ – that these people must now be overcome, before they complete their agenda.”

Final half hour: Pastor Chuck Baldwin calls the Global Emergency & Reset “A Lie Pitched from the Pits of Hell.” In this interview he explains that the New World Order oligarchs have already selected the next president, and bemoans the fact that so many Christians have been duped by Donald Trump, whose “vulgarities, blasphemies, duplicities, thefts, immoralities, racism, narcissism, covetousness, self-deification, misogyny, unconstitutional conduct and mass murders disqualify him from being elected dog catcher, much less President of the United States.” After discussing who the NWO is and how it works, and why American Christian leaders keep embracing satanic lies, we move on to COVID and the controlled demolition of freedom. Chuck Baldwin says the COVID endgame is universal forced vaccinations, which, if we allow them, will definitively put an end to our privacy, freedom, and dignity.

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