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Welcome to 2020! Baghdad Anti-US Uprising, Pros and Cons of the Rise of China

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First 25 minutes: Jason Unruhe of Maoist Rebel News and yours truly join Iranian broadcaster Press TV to discuss the rebellion in Baghdad’s Green Zone, where protestors angered by the US killing more than 30 members of Iraq’s armed forces are threatening to break into the American Embassy. Don’t miss the passionate 9/11 truth rant at the end of the segment (if you like that sort of thing).

Note: Jason Unruhe agrees with Peter Myers that China is now an oppressive capitalist imperialist power, not a socialist country.

Second half hour: Australian NWO researcher Peter Myers discusses the big geostrategic shift of the first half of the 21st century, one that will undoubtedly continue in the 2020s: The rise of China. Unlike many alt media stalwarts, Peter Myers takes a dim view of China’s imperialism, human rights violations, and surveillance state. His anti-China stance has caused angry subscribers to drop off his email list. But here at Truth Jihad Radio we don’t shy away from controversy, to say the least. So take it away, Peter!

Peter Myers discusses the following articles:

Mass Rape disguised as ‘marriage’. After imprisoning Uighur men, China is offering money, housing & jobs to Han  men to marry Uighur women

Removal of Uyghur men adds to pressure for Uighur women to marry Han men

Chinese corporations are trying to turn Africa into another Chinese continent

Africa’s ‘special economic zones’ are Chinese cities with Chinese workers

Trump impeached for delaying massive weapons shipment to Ukraine

NYT: Trump’s order to halt $391 million military aid to Ukraine, already authorized by Congress





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