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Ian Greenhalgh, Jim Fetzer discuss Las Vegas false flag and more

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Today’s live broadcast was originally supposed to feature a high-ranking US military whistleblower. But that didn’t work out, so instead we will bring on two guest experts to discuss the Las Vegas shooting. Both have published extensively on the subject. Both agree it was an obvious false flag. But they differ on several significant details.

First hour: Photographer-historian Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today has just published his “Las Vegas Massacre Analysis.” He exposes the lack of a real investigation and speculates on possible multiple-shooter locations. (It’s obvious that one guy with a bump stock didn’t kill 58 people and injure 546, especially when audio analysis proves multiple gunmen and belt-fed machine gun fire). In this interview Ian goes further, arguing that the Las Vegas massacre was one of a long series of covert operations ultimately directed by international bankers to divide and conquer their opposition and build increasingly centralized global power. He argues that while there may have been crisis actors involved, and a degree of stage management, there were also very real shooters killing and injuring people. This is the “hybrid event” model according to which the perpetrators of some false flags mix theatrical effects with real violence in order to confuse and disorient the public, discredit independent investigators, and avoid exposure. (This interview features a spirited discussion of gun control, which Ian tends to support.)

Jim Fetzer

Second hour: Philosophy professor and conspiracy investigator Jim Fetzer discusses how he was Fired by Jeff Rense – and announces his  new show on Revolution Radio. Jim explains that Jeff Rense fired him from the Rense Radio Network because Rense insists that the Las Vegas shooting was a 100% real massacre committed by “radical Muslim terrorists,” while Jim claims that it was a 100% theatrical hoax with few if any real deaths or injuries. (Jim vociferously disagrees with Ian’s “hybrid event” hypothesis.) Jim argues that the two main purposes of the event were (1) promote gun control, and (2) make piles of money by promoting Chertoff’s X-ray scanning machines, among other things.

So who is right about the Las Vegas massacre? Listen and decide for yourself.

2 Thoughts to “Ian Greenhalgh, Jim Fetzer discuss Las Vegas false flag and more”

  1. Which one of Jim Fetzer's many conspiracy theories do you believe and why? Also, which one's don't you believe and why?

  2. I don't have time for the "why." Critiquing Jim's whole body of work would take many years' effort by a team of scholars.

    So I will just say that I think Jim is right more often than he is wrong.

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