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Questioning imperial propaganda: From 9/11 to Charlottesville

I spent the 16th anniversary of 9/11 at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA

Most Recent Show: Jim Fetzer on Charlottesville: “2 cars + 2 drivers + 2 takes = totally fake” 
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Why won’t the international community stop the Rohingya genocide?
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DC Dave on “The Charlottesville Operation” 

Kevin’s Press TV interviews on Saudis vs. Yemen

US sanctions help Iran towards self-sufficiency: Expert
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Most Recent Show: Authors Mark Taliano on “Voices from Syria”; Guy Mettan on “Creating Russophobia”

9/11 truth goes mainstream in New York and London…and rocks SF Bay Area

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Greg Felton: Charlottesville riot could have been prevented, but that wasn’t the plan 

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