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FFWN: False flags backfire in Britain – voters repudiate lying establishment

1) PSA: Keep False Flag Weekly News on the air!

2) PSA: Support the Left Out Forum

3) Stephen M. Brown’s retraction and apology followed by Kevin Barrett’s response

British Election and Its False Flags

6) Jeremy Corbyn is now odds-on favourite to become next prime minister – did FFWN help Theresa May’s false flags backfire?

7) “This Is For Allah” – Six Killed In London Terrorist Rampage; Three Assailants Shot

8) London Bridge false flag alert – even CNN says “psy-op”

9) Dundee independence campaigner defends posts suggesting terror attacks may have been ‘false flag’ operations

10) Mother of London attacker ‘believed he was under police control & not dangerous’

11) London Bridge attacker appeared in Channel 4 doc on ‘British jihadis’

12) Dearborn Muslims have never heard of “famous Dearborn jihadi preacher”

13) Rita Katz (SITE): ISIS claims responsibility for London Bridge attack

14) Nafeez Ahmed: ISIS recruiter who radicalised London Bridge attackers was protected by MI5

15) Flashback: Kevin Barrett debates Anjum Chaudary

Corbyn talks sense

16) Jeremy Corbyn defends banned vicar Sizer who suggested Israel was behind 9/11

17) ‘We must have some difficult conversations with Saudi Arabia’ – UK opposition leader Corbyn

Madness of Saudis: “ISIS” Terror in Tehran

18) 12 killed, dozens injured in shootings & bombings at Iranian parliament & Khomeini shrine

19) Saudi Royals and Trump “take the battle to Tehran” (as promised) with “ISIS” attack

20) Iran attacks: ‘Saudi Wahhabi ideology is main culprit’

Madness of Saudis: Blockade of Qatar

21) Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Qatar


24) ISIS, a radical ANTI-Islam group, is on its last legs

25) Syrian Army’s Allies Threaten US With Retaliatory Strike After Tuesday Attack

26) New Video Destroys “Little Omran” White Helmets Story – Proves WH, Terrorists Used Boy As Propaganda 

30) Philippines: Muslim saves dozens of Christians from “ISIS”

Madness of Zion

31) Read Roger Waters’ Response to Thom Yorke Over Radiohead Israel Controversy

32) Israeli Companies Are Making a Killing off Technology Perfected Over 50 Years of Occupation

Madness of Trump

33) Comey Says Trump Tried to Derail Inquiry and Accuses the White House of ‘Lies’

34) Trump picks Gitmo criminal, Bonesman (?) as FBI chief

9/11 fallout

37) Corbyn’s a truther – will he push for an independent investigation?

Alleged “hijacker” Ziad Jarrah case gets curiouser and curiouser

39) Photographic Evidence Showing Ziad Jarrah Was Not a 9/11 Hijacker

40) 9/11 “hijacker” Jarrah from a family of Israeli spies

Sanity from Russia

41) Putin’s Conspiracy Theory: ‘Kennedy’s Assassination Was Arranged By US Intelligence’

42) As China pulls trade from North Korea, Russia gets cozy with Kim Jong Un

Odds and Ends

43) Canada’s PM Trudeau Highlights His Government’s Opposition to “Anti-Zionism,”

44) Homo sapiens lived in Morocco 300,000 years ago – pre-history timeline overturned

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