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Greg Felton on the meltdown of US American democracy

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Greg Felton, author of The Host and the Parasite, may be Canadian – but that doesn’t stop him from having some strong opinions about the presidential election charade transpiring so sickeningly and shamelessly in the USA.

Greg says if he were US American, he might consider voting for Trump – not in spite of the fact that Trump is an ignorant egomaniacal narcissistic bigoted blowhard buffoon with ADD, but because of it. Trump’s election would be a slap to the face of the American oligarchy, make the US the laughing stock of the world, and pretty much end its role in world affairs, thereby saving the planet from the endless “interventions” that have killed 60 million people since World War II.

That’s a whole lot better, Greg says, than the likely World War III that Hillary Clinton is dead-set on starting.

Does Greg convince me to vote for Trump? Tune in and find out.

2 Thoughts to “Greg Felton on the meltdown of US American democracy”

  1. Anonymous

    I don't think so! What we need is ICELAND!, ICELAND!, ICELAND!!! Why can't we do that? Why can't we do like some of those "Arab Spring" types did (Even though they ended up f##ked anyway)? Are the American people just so weak, afraid, naive, in love with their Fascist nation, etc. that they will never consider any alternative? Will they just go on and on and on, killing, raping, stealing, for their beloved god – America? Isn't that against the first commandment?

  2. Anonymous

    ASA Kevin

    hope your c Islamic conference went well

    Listened carefully to this debate

    Much of the points made I have made many times in my fwds.

    one thing though, as I said to you once before, I genuinely believe Trump has been working with Clinton who after all has been a long standing family friend. I believe both have been in a political theatre each playing their role as dictated to them by their Jewish Handlers and yes both are Jewish controlled. despite all the opposing rhetoric from Jewish Groups. Adelson supported Trump, Trumps' Jewish son in law runs his campaign. Trump IS part of the Establishment, Do you seriously believe he acquired all his billions without Jewish approval!!. Trump was instructed to be this racist demagogue.- so obnoxious that many American Sheeple will be re directed to the Clinton Camp- just what they want

    What is also very disturbing is the mental and physical health of Killary Clinton- the preferred candidate for Israel and the Jews with all its criminality and unstable character- just what they like, psychopaths with no empathy, compassion and blind to mercy devoid of any integrity or morality. please check out the 2 emails I have sent on Clinton recently -today and a few days back.

    For such a boastful democracy as the USA claims it is, it is astounding that you too only have 2 main political parties [both ZIONIST controlled and funded] Not one single VIABLE NON JEWISH option to choose from- all beholden to the 'special US/Israeli relationship]

    Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is also wrong and immoral- repugnant to the values one is supposed to espouse- can you imagine being given a choice to make out of 2 identified Rapists or murderers??? What you re being made to do is to condone their criminality and shove it to one side and just go ahead and make your selection from their criminal fraternity which both these candidates belong to- Trump's is not that well known [allegations of partaking in sexual liaisons with Young girls at the Jeffrey Epstein complex along with his Sexual pervert buddy Bill – He must have [aid some dues to the Jews who would never ever allow a Gentile to make and keep his wealth- their is always something in it for Jewish coffers.

    I would suggest keeping a close eye on Clinton's choice for Vice President because if she is elected, and is then taken ill due to serious health issues [her deteriorating mental health- Parkinsons or whatever Drugs have done to her] her Vice President will be crucial. Killary will no doubt bring a nuclear Armageddon all that much nearer on behalf of her Jewish Handlers who seriously believe they are immune from any Nuclear attack!! After all their Yahweh has made them invincible and can never be held to account because their own sins are automatically wiped clean every year on Yom Kippur which is why they do not believe in the concept of Hell

    I also sent you and Tony, a piece I wrote, giving my thoughts/views etc– did you manage to read it??

    Truth be told: political propaganda for Colonial imperialist Agendas

    Anyway, just my 50 cents worth

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