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Oliver Villar on the US-perpetrated Columbian Holocaust

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Oliver Villar: A voice of truth in the academy

Guest: Dr. Oliver Villar, lecturer in Politics at Charles Sturt University and author of Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror: U.S. Imperialism and Class Struggle in Colombia.

In his new article “In Whose Hands is Columbia’s Future?” Oliver Villar makes the horrifying observation that since “La Violencia” (the official civil war) in Columbia ended, the USA has engineered the slaughter of seven million people, the vast majority of them poor peasants who stand in the way of the US-corporate-backed super-rich elite and its plans for big agribusiness.

Hundreds of museums are built for the “Six Million Jews” of the 1940s. Where are our museums for the Seven Million Columbians And Counting that American taxpayer dollars are still killing?

Dr. Villar is not optimistic about the ongoing “peace talks,” which appear to be a facade for disarming the Columbian peasantry and its defenders (the FARC) in order to finish killing its leadership.

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  1. I think this just about sums up why nothing ever changes in this country (or the world):
    The people are just too "Goooood"

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