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Jason Wilcox: False-flag terrorists use predictive programming, transparency and number symbolism

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Actually it’s not the Mona Lisa – it’s even worse! Listen for details. Alice = “wonderland” (false flag illusion); painting = Paris; two arrows = two attacks; the digits can only form one date in 2015: 11/13/15

Do false flag terrorist networks telegraph what they’re doing – and what they will be doing – using predictive programming, transparency, and number symbolism? Did the Rothschild flagship publication Economist name the date of the 11/13/15 Paris attack in advance? Jason Wilcox, a member of the London, UK meetup group 9/11 Keep Talking, gave a presentation to the group a few months ago on this fascinating and controversial topic entitled “Magic Numbers and Fabricated Terror”:

“In 1977, an article by Vincent Salandria entitled ‘The Design of the Warren Report to Fall to Pieces‘ was published. It suggested that the Kennedy assassination was a “transparent conspiracy”, that is, a conspiracy hidden in plain sight. Clues were left behind, as if they wanted us to know. Although Vincent Salandria doesn’t mention numerology, Jason argues that subsequent events leave clues in the form of numbers, as in 9/11, 7/7 and Charlie Hebdo. “I wish to argue that these numbers are not neutral signifiers but carry a powerful meaning, both unconsciously to the multitude and consciously to those able to see through the official explanations…”, Jason explains.”

Along these lines, check out my articles “11 Examples of Illuminati Numerology” and “11 Questions for Veterans Day.” Also check out my interviews with Tom Breidenbach.

Below are some of the images we discuss:

This was what was left of an advertisement on the bus blown up on 7/7/2005
Here is the other side of the bombed London bus – with another “explosive” ad

Here is the bus in Beijing symbolizing the link between the Beijing (2008) and London (2012) Olympics – the announcement that London would get the Olympics came almost simultaneously with the 7/7/2005 attack 
The London-style bus at the Beijing Olympics “blew up” and performers leaped out – someone is laughing at us 
Houllebecq’s “Islam takes over France” book Submission, and this Charlie Hebdo cover featuring him, both appeared on January 7th, 2015 – the same day as the Charlie Hebdo massacre & publicity stunt for Islamophobia; see my book review: “Houellebecq’s Submission Unveils False Flag Terror
Pre-9/11 Simpsons episode offers “predictive programming”
There are dozens if not hundreds of similar examples. The perpetrators appear to be using transparency to convince us that we are helpless and to gain our tacit consent. Well, I for one am not helpless, and I have not consented. 

Jason Wilcox studied English literature at Cambridge University and went on to do an M.A. in Anthropology and Film, his subject of research being a new and controversial theory of human origins which interprets myths, fairy tales and even horror films in a new light. He has published articles on film in the Canadian journal “Cineaction” and has for the last few years been producing and directing his own original screenplays, some of which have been screened at horror film festivals. You can watch trailers of 15 of his films at: – where the full-length films will be available once a sufficient threshold of views has been exceeded!

4 Thoughts to “Jason Wilcox: False-flag terrorists use predictive programming, transparency and number symbolism”

  1. Anonymous

    As it is still Thursday here, my Thanksgiving today is writing you, Kevin, to thank you for using humour to speak the unspeakable truth about what is going on : I think your article on who is this year's Turkey was really 'à propos'.

    These are crazy times, and it is important to find ways to speak the truth.

    I think your analysis is correct : the Erdogan government will soon discover that Europe, and especially Russia do not want to see the duplicious proxy-war continue, producing ever more suffering… and terrorists…

  2. Anonymous

    Kevin –

    Your mentioning the significance of "93" during the interview (referring to "United 93" which may have
    been headed for Building 7 before crashing in a field) has reminded me that this number has
    significance in the Crowley-ian scheme of things – see here:

    – where it would seem that "93" is used as shorthand for "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"!

    It's interesting that Crowley was much influenced by Dr John Dee, and Ian Fleming was influenced by
    both of them. It may also be significant that "93" is "39" backwards – see John Buchan's novel "The 39 Steps"
    and the interesting fact (coincidence?) that World War II was declared on 3 September 1939 (3.9.39)!
    All of these people were closely connected to British intelligence services. Crowley also was known for
    adding a "k" to "magic" – perhaps because "k" is the 11th letter of the alphabet (this being the reason too
    for the name "Ku Klux Klan", which = 11-11-11).


    1. Nick from Newtown

      From my studies of their numerology and symbolism, 93 is an inversion of 36. 36, 39, 63 and 93 all symbollically represent the same number = 36 = 3sixes = 666.

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