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Stephen Herrick Requa on “The Great Gold Grab” & the criminal/nazi Deep State

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Stephen Herrick Requa

Special two-hour interview! Stephen Herrick Requa, author of The Great Gold Grab, began writing the book in 1993. It details his family mining history and focusing on the discoveries in Nevada and then the Court Frauds and theft of the Requa/Hoover Files; and how he retained Dr. William F. Pepper in 1999 to investigate at same time he started his Memphis MLK assassination trial that resulted in a favourable verdict for the ML King family.

In this interview we will discuss the covert ops and assassinations that Stephen Sequa has traced to the criminal/nazi Deep State that rules America…and whose days may be numbered as the people begin to wake up.

2 Thoughts to “Stephen Herrick Requa on “The Great Gold Grab” & the criminal/nazi Deep State”

  1. Anonymous


    I think that I heard you claim that the Saudis had made a decision, and
    written it?, that they had decided to extricate themselves from the
    USofA's tentacles…or something like that. If that is so, this might
    establish WHY the Saudis were chosen to be idenetified as providing the
    majority of hijackers. Meaning, that Bush-CheneyCo thus had them where
    they wanted them…

    I consider this information MAJOR in our search for truth, peace and
    justice in this journey…and, I see this information as equal to the
    iron spheres in the WTC dust…it might be huge kevin…worthy of a BIG

    Keep up the great work…keep building friendly fences between you and

    Peace, love and progress…

    robin hordon
    Kingston, WA

  2. Anonymous

    Hope he gets that new gold mine up and running! But can it really compete with the trillions in bullion the black hats have stolen and stashed?

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