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Lying Zionists cover up Sharon’s horrific words, deeds

Ariel Sharon embodied the pure, unmitigated evil of Zionism. He was a war criminal, a terrorist, a mass murderer, a torturer, a rapist. The French term “genocidaire” also applies.

But Sharon did have one redeeming quality: He occasionally told the awful truth about himself and his country.

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One Thought to “Lying Zionists cover up Sharon’s horrific words, deeds”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for your recent article on Ariel Sharon, and indeed all your articles. There is never a false note in anything of yours I've read so far.

    I thought you might be interested in a 2006 piece touching on Sharon's whitewash factory, CAMERA, then (and probably still) based in Boston. .

    I appreciate your work.

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