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Dynamic Duo weekly news: CIA imprisoned Mandela, Zio-NWO destroys USA

1)Nelson Mandela (1918-2013): “A CIA tip to South African intelligence agents led to the arrest that put black nationalist leader Nelson Mandela in prison for most of his adult life…”
2)Nelson Mandela-“An Israeli Hero” ?!

Decline of US
3) PEW poll: US leadership in the world at all-time low 
4) Obama grants W “absolute immunity”
5) Hersh reports Syria sarin attack was known by US intel to be false flag 
6) Clear Channel cuts liberal radio in San Francisco 
7) CIA’s anti-terrorism program “a flop” 
8) Career destroyed by no-fly listing 
9) ‘Nothing is beyond our reach’: Evil octopus strangling the world becomes latest US intelligence seal

10) NSA Piggybacks on Google cookies 
11) Chomsky: US tortures Iranians for 60 years 
12) Congressman-US should nuke Iran

Zionism (#1 cause of US decline)

13) Israel wipes Palestine off the map
14) Israel seeks to steal Palestinian oil
15) Bibi and Bandar badger Obama: $5.5 billion for Syrian rebels; Gulf Cooperation Council, AIPAC lobby for it
16) US to boost Israeli missile funding 
17) American Studies Association endorses academic boycott of Israel – approved unanimously by national council, will be voted on by members; will not “enter into formal collaborations with Israeli academic institutions”
18) Israel to join UN Human Rights Commission 

NWO Banksters (#2 cause of US decline)
19) Putin Bans Russian Officials From Owning Foreign Financial Assets
20) New rule to curb bank speculation 
21) New populism among Italian police 

Miscellaneous stories
22) Fukushima water contamination 36,000 times acceptable levels 
23) Pope moves against pedophilia in priesthood 
24) New data on 9/11: The jumpers (a Jim Fetzer original)

2 Thoughts to “Dynamic Duo weekly news: CIA imprisoned Mandela, Zio-NWO destroys USA”

  1. Anonymous


    I enjoyed listening to the Dynamic Duo. You two covered many timely topics and work well together. I will try to listen to more of your series.

    Will also contact Jim Fetzer to compliment him on the Duo series.

    You both are dedicated leaders in the truth movement and without the big egos and jealousies that many develop with fame keep it up.


  2. Anonymous

    Jim, sounds like an SOS…

    Holy wack, False Flags Jim, you're friggin' right…

    To the rapmobile, let's go…

    You 'bout to witness Jihad in it's most purest, more rawest form, flow almost flawless, most
    hardest, most honest known artist, chip off the old block, but ol' Doc is, {back}, looks like
    Batman brought his own Robin, oh God, Sadam's got his own Laden, with his own private plane, his
    own pilot, set to blow college dorm rooms doors off the hinges, oranges, peach, pears, plums,
    syringes, {vnn vnn}, yeah here I come, i'm inches, away from you, dear fear none, the U.S. is in
    a state of 911, so…


    Let's get down to business, I don't got no time to play around, what is this, must be a circus
    in town, let's shut the shit down on these clowns, can I get a witness, {hell yeah}, let's get
    down to business, I don't got no time to play around, what is this, must be a circus in town,
    let's shut the shit down on these clowns, can I get a witness, {hell yeah}…

    Quick gotta move fast, gotta perform miracles, gee Jim, holy bat syllables, look at
    all the bullshit that goes on in Gotham when i'm gone, time to get rid of these Zionist criminals,
    so skip to your lou while I do what I do best, you ain't even impressed no more, you're used to
    it, flows too wet, nobody close to it, nobody says it, but still everybody knows the shit, the
    most hated on out of all those who say they get hated on in the news and exaggerate it all
    so much, they make it all up, there's no such thing, like a female with good looks, who cooks
    and cleans, it just means so much more to so much more people when you're fightin' and you know
    what for, the show must go on, so i'd like to welcome y'all to Kevin and Jim’s carnival,
    c'mon now…


    It's just like old times, the dynamic duo, two old friends, why panic, you already know who's
    fully capable, the two capped heroes, dial straight down the center eight-zero-zero, you can
    even call collect, the most feared duet, since me and Jim played career Russian Roulette, and
    never even see me blink or get to bustin' a sweat, people steppin' over people just to rush to
    the set, just to get to see an K.B. who breathes so freely, ease over these beat's and be so
    breezy, Jesus how can shit be so easy, how can one Chandra be so Levy, turn on these beats,
    Zionists don't see me, believe me Zionists are gonna grieve, when we leave, dog fo' sheezy,
    can't leave crap alone, the game needs me, 'till we grow beards, get weird, and disappear into
    the mountains, nothin' but clowns down here, but we ain't messin’ around round here, yo' Jim,
    what up, can I get a hell, hell yeah, now…


    So there you have it folks, {Kevin}, has come to save the day, back with his friend Jim,
    and to remind you that bullshit does not pay, because, {Kevin}, and Jim are here to stay
    and never go away until our dying day until we're old and grey, {Kevin}, so until next time
    friends, same grey hair, same Jihad channel, good night everyone, thank you for coming, your
    host for the evening, {Kevin}, oh, ha…

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