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Peter Phillips names names of NWO elite; Wayne Madsen unveils their crimes

Wed.  9/18/13, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Peter Phillips teaches at Sonoma State University, where from 1996 to 2009 he directed Project Censored, which identifies the top censored news stories each year. When Project Censored pointed out that the truth about 9/11 was being censored, they themselves got censored by the foundation-funded pseudo-left. Peter’s latest project is “Exposing the Financial Core of the Transnational  Capitalist Class” which begins:

“In this study, we decided to identify in detail the people on the boards of directors of the top ten asset management firms and the top ten most centralized corporations in the world…”

Second hour: Wayne Madsen, a former NSA officer turned whistleblowing journalist, has a new book out about NSA spying.  He gave a great talk at the DC 9/11 Truth Conference about the 9/11-linked  national security assassinations of Deborah Jean Palfrey, Roland Carnaby, and Philip Marshall. Wayne will join me and Jim Fetzer at the Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference this coming Sunday, 1:30 to 5 pm Central at the Urbana Free Library, 210 West Green Street in downtown Urbana, Illinois.

3 Thoughts to “Peter Phillips names names of NWO elite; Wayne Madsen unveils their crimes”

  1. Anonymous

    I live in the same county as Peter Philips and sort of know him enough to nod at or say hello to when I see him somewhere, just from having talked to him over the years at various political gatherings. I really like his work. Mickey Huff, his protoge, who is director of Project Censored now, is right on also. But I felt Peter didn't quite answer your question about whether some of the people he was naming were the big fish themselves or agents for more shadowy real owners (although you didn't use the word, "shadowy"). Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed both programs, and thanks. Your comments on the Saudi leadership (and in your email) helped me with what I was asking about that politics. I know it all fits together somehow. As it happens, I've had the same feelings as you about Obama's position re. bombing Syria, that he really didn't want to do it. In the last few months I read three more books about the JFK assassination, James Douglass', the JFK girl friend one, and a "Lyndon did it" one, all from hearing about them either from you or Jim Fetzer, and I, too, was making mental parallels between Kennedy and Obama. But Kerry seems so nasty and aggressive that it's a bit hard to think that they don't really want to do it. So, I dunno. What I wish is that Putin had waited until Congress had had a chance to vote it down before popping out with his proposal. It would have been pretty close timing, what with not knowing for sure how Congress would have voted or what Obama might have done without waiting for them, but it would have been nice to have Congress on record as voting it down.

  2. Putin probably didn't want to take a chance that Obama would bomb Syria the minute Congress officially told him not to. Putin knows what kind of people he's dealing with.

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