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2 Thoughts to “Zionist loses it on-air: “Shut it Mr. Barrett!””

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Kevin. Greetings from RUSSIA! I heard your "Shut It" debate from PressTV! WOW!! You were AWESOME!!! People should be thanking AND commending you!! Is there a transcript of that?? I wanted to show it to my Russian friends here. They have FAR MORE than 2 braincells to rub together.

  2. Anonymous

    Watched your debate with the Zionist jerk from the UK. I found him insulting, rude and totally out of touch with reality. Its incredible how easily these guys lie – "The US should have gotten involved earlier!" The reality: America used proxies to infiltrate Syria with terrorists from 2011. And Benghazi confirms the US direct involvement by sending armed Libyan mercs into Syria via Turkey. As soon as a new Zionist is born they must teach them to lie with their first unintelligible utterance.

    You have a lot of guts to confront such smug, arrogant IsraeLies. You did well in the interview, congratulations!

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